Our beverage program focuses on classic cocktails ranging from bottled to seasonal, and influenced by our local ingredients. An extensive list of sought-after wines and beers are also available as well as zero-proof options.


The Charter Oak Custom Cocktails


trader oak's clarified mai tai | $16
oolong tea infused rum, orgeat, creole shrub, lime

ricotta and peaches | $15
ricotta washed mezcal, peach basil shrub, creme de cassis, bitters, avocado oil
rum and flowers | $15
blend of rums, tequila, dry curacao, orgeat, lime, butterfly pea flowers
maguey and amargo | $16
la luna mezcal, gran dovejo blanco, amargo vallet, lime
rye and absinthe | $16
rye, orgeat, cinnamon, angostura, citrus, absinthe
scotch and strawberries | $16
blended scotch, punt e mes, strawberry fennel shrub, lemon
gin and tonic | $14
london dry gin, our aromatic tonic, club soda
zubrowka and apple | $17
zubrowka, vodka, lime, celery bitters, cane sugar, gowan's heirloom hard cider
irish cold brew | $15
coffee infused irish whisky, armagnac, cinnamon, chocolate bitters, coconut oil
charter oak cooler (for six) | $72
london dry gin, kina l'aero, lime, pilsner
charter oak margarita (for eight) | $100
blanco tequila, clement creole shrub, citrus cordial, lemon, lime, salt tincture