Our beverage program focuses on classic cocktails ranging from bottled to seasonal, and influenced by our local ingredients. An extensive list of sought-after wines and beers are also available as well as zero-proof options.


Charter Oak Custom Cocktails

vodka and cranberry | $14
cranberry infused vodka, London dry gin, amaro nonino, lime bitters, lemon

gin and sage | $14
yogurt washed gin, dimmi, sage, honey, bitters, citrus
mezcal and butternut squash | $15
browned butter mezcal, amaro, butternut squash shrub, citrus
our margarita | $13
blanco tequila, winter citrus, creole shrubb
apple brandy and tobacco | $15
pork fat washed apple brandy, tobacco tincture, aged rum, amaro
rye and citrus | $17
rye, lemon and grapefruit, orgeat, burned absinthe, bitters
whiskey and burnt rosemary | $14
whiskey, rosemary, amaro, citrus
bourbon and cardamom | $16
bourbon, china china amer, lime, orgeat, cardamom
rum and cocchi | $15
aged rum, white rum, cocchi torino, amaro averna, bitters, soda, lime
irish cold brew | $15
coffee infused irish whisky, brandy, cinnamon, chocolate bitters, coconut oil
black apple manhattan | flask- serves 2 $40
rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, black apple, american oak