The Charter Oak celebrates classically-focused cocktails ranging from bottled cocktails to seasonal cocktails influenced by our farm. An extensive list of sought-after local wines and beers will also be available as well as zero-proof beverages.


Charter Oak Custom Cocktails

$16 each

poppyseed vodka and almond
toasted poppyseed vodka, kina l'avion, almond, lemon

gin and sage
yogurt washed gin, dimmi, sage, honey, bitters, citrus
mezcal and butternut squash
brown butter mezcal, amaro, butternut squash shrub, citrus
our margarita
blanco tequila, winter citrus, creole shrubb
apple brandy and tobacco
pork fat washed apple brandy, tobacco tincture, aged rum, amaro
rye and citrus
rye, lemon and grapefruit, orgeat, burned absinthe, bitters
whiskey and burnt rosemary
whiskey, rosemary, amaro, citrus
bourbon and cardamom
bourbon, china china amer, lime, orgeat, cardamom
fig boulevardier
aged figs, whiskey, sweet vermouth, bitters, oak
irish cold brew
coffee infused irish whisky, brandy, cinnamon, chocolate bitters, coconut oil
black apple manhattan | flask $40
rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, black apple, american oak 
smoked cherry old fashioned | flask $40
brooks cherries, cherry wood, cherry-vanilla bitters
a handle of boulevardier | handle $60
browned butter bourbon, cocoa nib, amaro, aperol